Integrity Assessments provides a number of core services including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Customised (Key Competency) Assessments
  • Business Strategy/ Strategic Assessments
  • Insurance Reviews

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 1. Risk Assessments:

Three types of risk survey reports are available:

  • DBS (Drive By Survey)
  • DTS (Desk Top Survey)
  • OSS (On Site Survey)

Each survey type provides specific information about the risk. Reports can be expansive or tailored to suit your needs. 

Having held various underwriting roles during his career Darryl knows what insurers want or what risk improvements need to be undertaken to make a risk acceptable. If you would like to know more about these survey services we'd be pleased to discuss the various options and cost structures with you.

2. Business Continuity Planning:

Research has shown that 29% of organisations who suffer a major disaster would not survive without an effective Business Continuity Plan. (Source: DataQuest)

In an emergency, crisis or disaster, clarity and knowing what to do and speed are most important.

Business Continuity Planning (BCM) is an important part of management. Organisations shouldn’t be complacent and action shouldn’t be put off until next year, next month or even next week.

The BCM Policy of an organisation provides the framework around which the BCM capability is designed and built. It is a documented statement by the organisation’s executive of the level of importance that it places on BCM. It describes the scope of the program and assigns responsibilities.

An effective BCM programme will involve the participation of various managerial, operational, administrative and technical disciplines that need to be co-ordinated throughout its life cycle using procedures within the framework contained in the organisation’s BCM Policy document.

Though Business Continuity Management is primarily a planning activity, it is inevitable that the BC team will be expected to be ready to respond and ready to provide a lead during incident response.

3. Customised (Key Competency) Assessments:

How successful have you been at getting the right person for a particular role - has it been a bit hit and miss? 

Are you sure the person you are considering to be your successor is the right person for your business? 

Integrity Assessments has access to a powerful, effective and impartial range of tools that assesses employees’ comprehension of the competencies crucial for success on the job. Customised Assessments is unique in that it custom designs the assessments to suit your specific business requirements. Unlike other providers, Customised Assessments doesn’t offer off-the-shelf, generic assessment tools. Instead, it enables you to define the competencies critical for success in the target role you want to evaluate. 

4. Business Strategy / Strategic Assessments:

Where do you want your business to be in 3 or 5 years or just as importantly where do you want to be and how will you make that happen? 

Darryl’s experience in the corporate sector (at a senior management level for many years) has equipped him with the skills and processes to assess your overall business strategy. Darryl has achieved considerable success in implementing and managing business strategy.

5. Insurance Reviews:

As part of the risk assessment process, Integrity Assessments can also undertake a review of your current insurance program.  To avoid any conflict of interest this service is not provided to clients where instructions have been received to undertake risk inspections where a broker is currently appointed.